September Event – Marketing in an Emergency

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Elaine Bradley-Ryan, Ideation Marketing

This very useful event took place via Zoom on Tuesday 7 Septmeber.

The shock of the COVID-19 epidemic has, in its own strange way, forced us to re-evaluate how we organise our businesses, engage with clients and maintain/increase profitability.

One of the major challenges businesses face during this crisis is knowing how to adjust our marketing strategy to maximise impact in strange and changing circumstances.

Current brand positioning and product propositions need to be re-evaluated and probably modified for the current market while the pandemic continues. Sensitivity and empathy are called for in all communications when consumers are fearful and pre-occupied by a crisis. With the right strategy, your brand can remain relevant and even grow during this time of upheaval.

This workshop , presented by Elaine Bradley-Ryan, M.D. at Ideation Marketing helped us to get organized with a short-term marketing strategy to optimize our revenue potential during the continuing the COVID19 crisis.

Very importantly, Elaine also focussed  on the post-pandemic period to help us prepare to plan our recovery with a bang after the crisis period.

Elaine considered the following:

  • Know your Customer – even better
  • How to beat your Competitors
  • The 9 Ps of Sales and Marketing – including the Pivot
  • Relevant Marketing Channels for now – and later
  • Q & A

Specialising in strategic revenue optimization, Elaine guided us through a path to bold Ideas, bright insights and big impact in an evolving social and business environment

Thank  you to Elaine and all those who participated.  We look foward to getting back together again soon!