All You Ever Wanted to know about Tax – But were Too Afraid to Ask!

Thank you very much to Donna McCarra and Fiona Connolly, McCarra Connolly Chartered Certified Accountants,  for an excellent presentation in Clones LIbrary on 11th September.  We all enjoyed a very useful and informative evening out – including networking and a delicious supper in The Creighton Hotel.

Donna and Fiona have very kindly shared a copy of their presentation with us, so if there is any detail you would like to check out, you should find it here.  We are also uploading details of standard mileage and subsistence rates – please note that these apply to employees and company directors only.  It is important to note that that Sole Traders themselves could not claim based on these civil servants rates – Sole Traders can claim for actual fuel costs involved in business travel.  Happy reading – hope you find this information helpful.

McCarra Connolly MWIB taxation presentation

Subsistence Rates for employees

Mileage rates for Employess

Resilience for Women in Business

We enjoyed a very interesting, stimulating and informative event with Lisa Nolan, Aslan Training and Coaching in The Market House, Monaghan on Tuesday 3rd July.   Lisa’s theme focussed on the very important area of Resilience for Women in Business.

Lisa has very kindly agreed to share her presentation materials with Monaghan Women in Business and you can view/download them by clicking this link..  Thank you to all who attended this very powerful event – and to Samantha Hawe for the lovely hospitality in the Cotton Tail Café afterwards!

Assertive Communication Skills for Business and for Life

Thank you to Fiona Flynn for an excellent presentation at the Monaghan Women in Business June event in the lovely Ballybay Wetlands Centre.  Fiona has very kindly shared her presentation materials with us and  you can check them out here.  There’s lots of interesting and informative content – not as good as enjoying the buzz and interaction on the evening, but informative nonetheless.  Enjoy – and thank you Fiona!

Seven Strategies for Building a Successful and Sellable Business – Anne Marie Graham – September 2017

What an excellent evening we had!  Absolutely fascinating and very practical presentation by Anne Marie Graham. Great questions/comments.  Very enjoyable networking and delicious food afterwards at Just In Asian Street Food.

Please click here for a copy of Anne Marie’s presentation— more materials to follow.  Thank you for sharing these with us Anne Marie!

Exploring Emotional Intelligence with Fiona Flynn – May 2017

40 Monaghan Women in Business enjoyed an excellent event and presentation by Fiona Flynn, Foresight Corporate Development in the beautiful Ballybay Wetlands Centre on Tuesday 2nd May.  This exploration of Emotional Intelligence was fascinating and also very practical.  Fiona has kindly shared her materials with us and you can check them out and download them from the links below.  Hope you find this information helpful!
Emotional Intelligence Presentation
The Feelings Wheel
Personal Reflection Sheet JCAForesight

Speak Up with Confidence – Mastering the WOW – Barbara Moynihan – April 2017

Thank you all who attended this great evening.  And thank you Barbara Moynihan for such a fabulous presentation. Here’s a link to download Barbara’s slides –  Monaghan WIB Speak Up With Confidence – Mastering the WOW Apr 2017.

Link to article – How to Use Your Voice for Leadership

Link to Barbara’s TedX Talk – You’re probably more intelligent than you think you are!

Link to Amy Cuddy’s Short TED Video – Empowering through Body Language – Top Tips on Essential Assertiveness

How to Use Twitter to build Relationships with Customers – Launch 2017

We had a wonderfully informative and entertaining evening with Samantha Kelly, The Tweeting Goddess, in The Glencarn Hotel on 8th March, International Women’s Day.  Here’s Smanatha’s presentation on Launch presentation – How to use Twitter to build Relationships with Customers.  Not as good as being there, but this presentation may give you some useful insights and ideas.  Enjoy!

#SuccessIsSimple with Gaye Moore – November 2016

Gaye has kindly shared some of her materials with us.  The link is here..  Thank you Gaye!

Effective Communication Masterclass – October 2016

Here is a copy of Margaret Considine’s excellent presentation..  Enjoy!  Thank you Margaret.

Margaret has also sent me a copy of an interesting article by Deborah Tannen – “The Power of Talk” – well worth a read.

Financial Planning for Your Business and For You

Thank you Rose Tierney for a wonderfully informative presentation at our September meeting.  Rose has kindly let us have a copy of her slides for reference purposes.  Here’s the link to Rose’s Slides –  Rose Tierney  – Financial Planning for your Business and For You Monaghan Women in Business September 16

Negotiation Skills

As a follow up to her insightful, informative and very enjoyable Masterclass in Negotiation Skills for Business and for Life on 5th July, Margaret Considine, Equita Consulting Ltd., has provided us with some very interesting and useful materials on the arts of negotiation and persuasion.  Just click the links below to view/download.  Thank you Margeret and I trust that Monaghan Women in Busines will find these materials useful.

4 Keys to Persuasion

Power of Self Talk

Negotiation and Persuasion Presentation Equita Consulting


Following our Marketing Mix session of 3rd May, here are some links and materials which you may find useful…

Link to presentation on the night.  The list of promotional items in the presentation is by no means comprehensive, but it may give you a few ideas.  Thanks to Jamie-Lee McGirl, Claire Cunningham and Paul Bond for their invaluable input at the event.

Additional Links

There are also further links below which may interest you.  If you would like any further resources added to this page, please just let me know.  I’ll be happy to help in any way I can. Riona

Link to article on the importance of Market Research.

Link to County Monaghan Area Profile from Central Statistics Office Website.  You may find this interesting and a useful starting point for Market Research.

Lots more statistics available at Central Statistics Office website

Link to Mailchimp as discussed – it’s FREE for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month

Link to An Post Admailer site.  The mapping tool is very useful.

Link to Survey Monkey website.  A great tool for creating online surveys.  There are various pricing plans.  I use the free one which has certain restrictions but allows you up to 10 questions and 100 responses.

Link to Local Enterprise Office Monaghan – for information on lots of things including training events and supports

Link to Employers Information event presentation –  Accounting Technician Apprenticeship programme

Please let me know if there is anything else you would like to have made available or if can help in any other way.  Thank you! Enjoy.